Our First Post

Welcome to Avvir’s inaugural blog post. It seems it’s incumbent on every company nowadays to expand its web presence by putting out “content.” Here at Avvir our crack team of engineers is more than happy to oblige. We actually have quite a bit to say. Some of the blog topics we’ve been kicking around include:

  • Why a bioengineer started a construction technology company (and other related stories).
  • How do change orders work?
  • How can Facility Managers make use of BIM? (Also, what is BIM?)
  • Tips and tricks for designing 3D experiences on 2D surfaces.

As you can see, we plan to cover a wide variety of topics. We don’t want to limit ourselves to talking about construction or 3D reconstruction, or technical tips for nerds much like ourselves. We have a wide variety of interests and we have opinions about lots of them. The guiding principle of our blog will simply be this: Be Useful.

As long as a post provides useful information to you, we think it’s worth putting out there. The best way for us to know what things are useful for you though is if you tell us. So please, feel free to bookmark this blog, subscribe, and let us know what you want to hear about via email or in the comments below.

Looking forward!

The Avvir Team