AI powered precision for the built world

A system of record for buildings

Avvir uses laser scans and AI to catch construction mistakes, automatically update your BIM, and monitor construction progress. We provide you with real-time insights to protect your project from budget and schedule overruns.


A system of record for buildings

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A precise picture of progress

Precision progress tracking visualized against your BIM

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See the bottom line on your build

Installed value tracking against your scheduled progress

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A reality check for your build

Automated deviation analysis of your site conditions

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“Use of this technology will help us improve communication with clients and increase transparency with stakeholders.”

Brooke Gemmell

Emerging Technology Manager at Skanska

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Harness your reality capture data for smarter decision-making. Enrich your BIM with ease via the seamless application of metadata. Take project insights to the next level by tracking progress within the context of schedule and cost

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System Solutions

Install Verification

Reduce costly rework by detecting deviations and taking corrective action. Regular site scans of building progress are compared against the original 3D design. Advanced computer vision algorithms then calculate which elements match your specs and which are out of tolerance. Avvir is able to identify construction errors up to 1/8 inch of accuracy.

BIM Updates

Transform your BIM into an official system of record. A standard BIM is a static 3D version of blueprints, but Avvir updates your BIM with site scans to document real-world modifications. Our software automatically pushes updates to the model with a click of a button—no manual changes in CAD or Revit. This enables clash detection and trade coordination based on what’s actually been built rather than the design. Avvir ensures owners receive an accurate set of as-built plans during project handover.

Project Tracking

Monitor the percent completion of your construction project. Our software tracks progress on systems ranging from superstructure to MEP. Color renderings show which portions of the building geometry are finished and which are in progress. The actual progress can then be mapped against the estimated schedule to highlight where the timeline is off target as well as project likely completion dates.

Avvir® Deviation Analysis

See how deviation analysis with Avvir® Inspect leverages AI to automate the precise identification of site conditions that deviate from the design.

Avvir® Progress Demo

See how Avvir® Progress automates the precise tracking of construction progress by trade, area, or unit of measurement against your BIM and Project Schedule.

AVVIR PROGRESS: Progress Tracking Against Schedule

Quantify work in place against your project schedule with meaningful context and high confidence using LiDAR or 360 photo/video. Know when one of your trades or projects are falling behind and what resources are needed to get back on track, enabling pull planning workflows and more.

Quantify progress by trade or area against project schedule ssss

Visualize downstreamschedule impacts

Benchmark trade partner performance

Enable pull planning workflows

AVVIR PROGRESS 5D: Progress Tracking Against Cost

Track installed value against scheduled progress for each line item in your work-breakdown structure or schedule of values. Validate and expedite subcontractor billings / pay apps with reality capture data.

Track progress with context of schedule and cost

Visualize earned / installed value

Objectively confirm requisition requests based on existing conditions

Enable fast and confident pay apps

AVVIR INSPECT: Rework prevention and automatic as-builts

Identify where work in place is deviated from the design by user-defined tolerance as low as 1/8”. Avoid change orders by catching downstream affects of deviations before they impact future trades and push updates based on the analysis back to your source BIM.

Catch and prevent rework

Automatically create as-builts

Objectively measure the progress and quality of your trades

Identify critical areas of risk

How we bring your data to life

Upload the BIM

Upload your model to the Avvir Portal. We integrate the schedule and any other metadata that matter.

Scan the Job site

Use your preferred technology to capture live site conditions, including LiDAR scans and/or 360 degree photos.

AVVIR Analysis

Our algorithms compare your reality capture data to your building plans, to catch deviations and compare actual progress to your schedule.

Fix in Field or Push to BIM

Stakeholders can then take corrective action in the field or push immediate updates to their existing BIM software with ease.

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