A Living Building Model

Avvir augments BIM intelligence with regular laser scans of your construction project. Our software compares the scans against the BIM and identifies any variances between the design and reality. We then extract real-time insights that help the development team stay on schedule and under budget.

Product Features


Reduce costly rework by detecting deviations and taking corrective action. Regular site scans of building progress are compared against the original 3D design. Advanced computer vision algorithms then calculate which elements match your specs and which are out of tolerance. Avvir is able to identify construction errors up to 1/8 inch of accuracy.


Transform your BIM into an official system of record. A standard BIM is a static 3D version of blueprints, but Avvir updates your BIM with site scans to document real-world modifications. Our software automatically pushes updates to the model with a click of a button—no manual changes in CAD or Revit. This enables clash detection and trade coordination based on what’s actually been built rather than the design. Avvir ensures owners receive an accurate set of as-built plans during project handover.


Monitor the percent completion of your construction project. Our software tracks progress on systems ranging from superstructure to MEP. Color renderings show which portions of the building geometry are finished and which are in progress. The actual progress can then be mapped against the estimated schedule to highlight where the timeline is off target as well as project likely completion dates.  

Floor Flatness

Need to ensure your concrete slabs are level? With Avvir’s software automatically generates Topomaps from scans taken after each concrete pour. The visualization allow you to easily locate the areas outside of the 1/8” specification range.

How It Works

Prevent Rework By Catching Mistakes As They Happen With Automated Construction Verification

Upload the BIM

Client sends the fabrication model to the Avvir portal.

Scan the Jobsite

Mobile scanners can be used by ANYONE to scan 30k sqft in an hour, even while construction is happening.

AVVIR Analysis

Our algorithms compare the scans to the building plans and catch errors and delays.

Fix in Field or Push to BIM

Stakeholders can then take action in the field or push updates to the plans.

Our Partners

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Avvir Demo

See for yourself how Avvir's software can help you verify and monitor easier and faster.