General Contractors

Are you a General Contractor? Learn how Avvir’s products can help you

Avvir is a powerful solution that helps you manage construction costs and prevent waste. Quickly catch deviations from the specs before they lead to rework. You can also update clients about project progress with Avvir’s schedule tracking.

Protect Cost & Schedule

Protect your client’s schedule and budget with actionable data. Avvir enables you to keep your schedule in sync with reality, automatically, and respond to changing conditions in the field quickly.

Coordinate in Reality

Identify where and how building plans have been modified and coordinate trades based on where building elements are in reality, not where they are in theory.

Floor Flatness

Need to ensure your concrete slabs are level? Avvir's software automatically generates topomaps from scans taken after each concrete pour.

See for yourself how Avvir's software can help you verify and monitor easier and faster.