Building Owners

Are you a Building Owner? Learn how Avvir’s products can help you

Ensure your project is on time and under budget. Avvir allows you to monitor your site and reduce unnecessary change orders. When your project is complete, your BIM will reflect its as-built state.

Reduce Rework

Oversight and transparency reduce costly rework and prevent schedule overruns. Avvir takes routine scans of a construction site and isolates construction deviations.

As-Built BIM

Once the building is complete, use the updated BIM files as a reliable reference tool for operations and maintenance.

Avoid Errors

Building owners can use this data intelligence to verify change orders and monitor project progress. Avoid unnecessary construction errors, costly schedule extensions, trade clashes, budget overruns and stakeholder disputes.

See for yourself how Avvir's software can help you verify and monitor easier and faster.