Our Mission is to be the system of record for buildings, from construction through demolition.

What We Believe

It’s hard to talk about who we are without talking at least a little about what we stand for. We believe your job should enrich your life, not take it over. We believe that your life outside of work matters.

Common Decency

Passion For The Work

Personal Life Matters

Outcome Over Effort


We know that the digitization of buildings is happening and that it will fundamentally change the way humanity interacts with the built environment. We envision buildings, and everything inside them, represented by digital twins. These digital replicas will represent not just an asset’s geometry, but every aspect of it, enabling complete knowledge of a building at any time. We want to be at the forefront of this digitization revolution and think the best way to do that is by starting to build those digital twins while the building is built: during construction.


We are a small but growing team with diverse backgrounds that encourage collaboration, teamwork and cheer each other on.

Dave Magnusson

VP of Sales

Zoe Abboudi

Software Engineer

Netanya Abramson

Intern - BIM and Scan Operations

Dan Bechard

Software Engineer

Karin Berzins

Head of Operations

Jamel Cole

Software Engineer

Richard Coyne

Enterprise Account Executive

Matt Curry

Head of Product

Nick Eagleson

Reality Capture Manager

Archit Gadicherla

Director of Global Partnerships

Kim Gerst

Software Engineer 4

Ben Groves

Software Engineer

Scott Harrison

Software Engineer

Raffi Holzer


Cameron Honis

Software Engineer

Eric Iworsley

IT/Software Engineering Intern

Dan Jessie

Machine Learning Engineer

Kyle Johnson

BIM/VDC Director of Solution Engineering

Lou Spada

Enterprise Account Executive

Gon Zifroni

Director of Product

Varsha Khemka

BIM/VDC Intern

Matt Klein

Senior Product Designer

Rebecca Koscuiszka

HR Manager

Eugene Lee

BIM Intern

Ian Lee

BIM/VDC Engineer

Drew Massey

Data Engineer

Tira Odhner


Sharon Zhu

Software Engineer

Michael Oh

Account Executive, Sales

Dimitrios Papadopoulos

Director of BIM/VDC for Customer Operations

Jalpa Patel

BIM/VDC Engineer

Evan Perlman

Software Engineer

Cody J. Phillips

Head of Machine Learning

Trevor Sanders

Machine Learning Engineer

Stephanie Seril

Director of Marketing

Brad Shapiro

Senior VDC Solutions Engineer

Vasu Singhal

BIM/VDC Engineer

Mary Stanton

Product Designer

Caity Taylor

Senior Solutions Engineer

Lisa van Gelder

VP of SW Engineering

Jordan Watkins

Marketing Specialist

Sharon Weldon

Head of Growth

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